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About e-shape Help Desk

The e-shape Help Desk is a key tool for linking users with the pilot teams and to insure efficient and fruitful exchanges between “clients and service providers”. With our dedicated helpdesk we aim to please and strive to provide our users with quality service and support EO communities.

Our main goal is to answer questions, resolve support issues of users, establish credibility and nurture relationships. e-shape support service will help the user to overcome the obstacles that may appear for each phase: initial uptake, integration, operation usage.

One of the most important objectives is to be timely and helpful therefore, we aim to provide feedback on your request within 48 hours.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and details of satisfaction or dissatisfaction about the service you have experienced when contacting us or using any of our services.

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Onboarding Call

e-shape develops and promotes European Earth Observation capabilities with and for the users. By leveraging Copernicus, e-shape opens new opportunities to develop and expand its use, through existing European capacities, and develop research to business activities.

Onboarding Call

e-shape Activities

27 pilot applications under 7 thematic areas address societal challenges, foster entrepreneurship and support sustainable development, in alignment to the three main priorities of GEO (SDGs, Paris Agreement and Sendaï Framework).

e-shape Activities

Market Trends Observatory

We streamline complementary synergy between a provider and market positioning to empower market expansion.

Market Trends Observatory

IP & Innovation Office

If you are looking information on IPR Issues please visit our help desk.

IP & Innovation Office

Success stories

Telling the success story

Success stories

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They say about us...

“Time has come to demonstrate the effective use of European EO resources consisting of space, airborne, in-situ measurements and citizen observations to prepare for operational environmental forecasting, and for a sustainable climate transition”.

Jean Dusart

“e-shape will promote the design and implementation of disruptive new services based on EO. It opens great opportunities with our strategic focus on engineering sciences for the industry 4.0 not only in our research work but also for our students”.

Yannick Vimont

“e-shape can significantly increase the collaboration between European EO companies: sharing knowledge, experiences and data; building on each other’s strengths”.

Erwin Goor

“e-shape has the potential to push the development of innovative Copernicus- based applications forward and to foster synergies between promising European EO initiatives. The use of the infrastructures and services provided by the DIAS in the implementation and up-scaling of user-driven applications will be a great asset to exploit the benefits of Copernicus and other EO data”.

On behalf of the Copernicus Programme

“ARMINES is proud to coordinate the program e-shape. Also proud and mobilized to contribute through the scientific excellence of its collaborators and those of MINES ParisTech to bringing operational solutions for the sustainability of our planet and EO European policy”.

Patricia Renaud

“e-shape is a great opportunity to support EuroGEOSS within GEO and to showcase the strengths and the tremendous contributions of Europe for and with users”.

Thierry Ranchin

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